PWYP Indonesia held training on financial management and strategies for non-profit organizations related to the issue of fraud and internal administrative control. The movement, born on 15 October 2021 online, was attended by more than 15 member organizations of the PWYP coalition spread across Indonesia. This training was held to support the strengthening of the PWYP Indonesia coalition institutions’ capacity to maintain and improve performance achievements to realize the vision and mission of the organization.

In addition to increasing the knowledge and understanding of coalition members related to fraud and internal control of the organization, this agenda also equips coalition members to have the ability to anticipate and prevent fraud practices in their respective organizations. Furthermore, to recognize and implement strong internal controls and have adequate internal control mechanisms to reduce the risk of errors, errors, or fraud in organizational activities.

The training participants received a material session presented by Hadi Prayitno and a practical session. In the experimental session, the participants were given case studies on detecting, analyzing, and finding out the cause and effect of fraud practice in an organization.

Syabila Rachma, PWYP Indonesia finance staff, stated that “anti-fraud” policies and systems and internal control of the organization must be formulated and implemented by non-profit organizations. In addition to internal interests, it can also support the organization’s credibility in carrying out the program and financial activities. Which in turn can encourage the growth and development of the organization in the future, “said Syabila.

One of the crucial things organizations can do in anticipating and minimizing the occurrence of fraud is to openly declare that the organization cannot accept all forms of fraud. At the same time, the organization must also implement internal control policies and procedures that follow the organization’s needs to prevent fraud.

Author: Meliana Lumbantoruan