Indonesia’s G20 Presidency was completed after the G20 Summit in mid-November 2022. The C20, as one of the official engagement groups, the G20 also held a summit in October 2022 and submitted a Policy Package and Communiqué to the Government of Indonesia as G20 President. During the presidency, C20 became a crucial partner in formulating effective policies to help people overcome the situation after the COVID-19 pandemic.

As known, C20 Indonesia has seven working groups representing various topics, such as global health and vaccine access; taxation and sustainable finance; SDGs and humanitarianism; education, digitalization, and civic space; environment, climate justice, and energy transition; gender equality and disability; and anti-corruption. C20 Indonesia worked for over eight months, held over fifty meetings and press conferences, and engaged young people to deliver messages to G20 leaders. The process was conducted using inclusive, open, and participatory methods.

To document the journey of C20 Indonesia and collect good practices and achievements from the implementation of C20 Indonesia, PWYP Indonesia, and The Prakarsa conducted a workshop to compile the C20 Indonesia learning book. This book is expected to be a legacy intended not only for civil society organizations that are part of C20 Indonesia but also for the public.

The workshop was held on May 16, 2023, at a hotel in Central Jakarta. This activity aims to get input from C20 Indonesia leaders regarding the book draft, discuss the editing of the book manuscript with the editor, and finalize the book by the writing team. This activity also broadened the insight and knowledge of the writing team on important issues that are the focus of C20 Indonesia, such as global health, education, environment, anti-corruption, and others.

The reviewers presented Several inputs regarding the writing draft and the substance that should be discussed in the book. This book is expected to provide novelty, innovation, and originality to convey messages and lessons learned from a series of C20 Indonesia activities.

The stories and messages written in this book are expected to strengthen the role of C20 as a G20 engagement group and produce policy recommendations that positively impact society. This book also aims to inspire and motivate the Indonesian people to participate in the policy formulation process to build a better country.

Author: Raudatul Jannah
Reviewer: Mouna Wasef