Jakarta (7/10/14) – Program Management of People’s Aspiration and Complaints Online services (LAPOR!) M.M Gibran Sesunan provide exposure to PWYP Indonesia coalition members about The workflow of LAPOR!, reporting process, overseeing the report and also report closure. In addition, Gibran also expressed about collaboration experience between LAPOR! and CSO. Collaboration can be done by participated as focal point. Focal point can be a reporter and also can play a role on overseeing and ensuring that the reports will be follow up with the related actors. Focal points will be given an ID and password in order to log into the LAPOR! System by registering the name to LAPOR! Management first.

PWYP Indonesia saw that collaborate with LAPOR! is strategic to encourage the active participation of society on pushing governance improvement of extractive industry sector.

On the occasion, 12 people of PWYP Indonesia coalition member registered as focal point of LAPOR! Specifically the 12 people will be a focal point in the extractive industry and natural resources issues. So, they can access all reports that related to extractive and natural resources issues.

The Collaboration is welcomed by both parties. Focal point as channel grievances of society and thus the purpose of establishing of LAPOR! as a forum for expressing public aspirations will be more optimal.