Jakarta February 12-13, 2024, Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia held a working meeting of the National Secretariat (Seknas) of the Publish What You Pay Indonesia Coalition. The meeting agenda included reviewing PWYP Indonesia’s achievements in 2023 and preparing PWYP Indonesia’s work plan for 2024.

On the first day of the meeting, the PWYP Indonesia National Secretariat discussed the extent to which the organization’s vision and mission had been achieved and the achievement of the PWYP Indonesia Priority Agenda during 2023. In addition, this working meeting also looked at how all activities carried out follow the direction of the organization’s vision, mission, and priority agenda so far, whether they are still on track or out of track. Meliana Lumbantoruan, Deputy Director of PWYP Indonesia, facilitated the working meeting session, asking Seknas staff to reflect on the achievements and lessons learned by PWYP Indonesia throughout 2023.

There are many achievements, challenges, and lessons learned in 2023, including 2023 on the issue of the energy transition, where PWYP Indonesia succeeded in becoming a regional center for the problem; PWYP Indonesia is also active in developing international networks in global initiatives such as OGP, EITI, increased engagement on social media, GEDSI initiator in Just Energy Transition, to the initiation of innovative local government instrument applications in the ESDM sector. PWYP Indonesia has launched Procurement SOP, Financial SOP for coalition members, and the national secretariat from organizational governance. The second day of discussion focused on developing a work plan for 2024. Despite recording significant achievements in the previous year, PWYP Indonesia still has several challenges that must be overcome. Some of them are carrying out missions on the Oil and Gas and Mineral and Coal Priority Agenda and strengthening the governance of the Secretariat.

The results of this two-day meeting will be further discussed in the PWYP Indonesia steering board meeting scheduled for the end of February 2024. This meeting is an essential step for PWYP Indonesia in ensuring the compatibility of vision and mission as well as developing effective strategies to achieve the goals that have been set. Thus, PWYP Indonesia continues to be committed to improving transparency and accountability in Indonesia’s extractive industry.