, JAKARTA – Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia Coalition said that the energy sector should not become a sector that is used as a handful of people so it must be guarded.

Coordinator of Publish What You Pay Indonesia, Maryati Abdullah, explained that the energy sector has always been in the spotlight so that all stakeholders must be able to work together with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), which coordinates and supervises the sector.

She said her side also expressed readiness to oversee the coordination and supervision of the anti-corruption agency. The energy sector that will be monitored this time is oil and gas, coal, electricity, and new renewable energy.

“Civil society participation is very important to monitor and provide supporting data in the implementation of Korsup so that it is not one-way,” Maryati said in Jakarta in a statement quoted by, Sunday (2/21/2016).

Previously, the KPK traced indications of corruption 3,966 Mining Business Licenses (IUP) which were allegedly problematic related to corruption prevention in the mining sector and optimization of state revenue. The Corruption Eradication Commission along with the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources along with 21 governors — out of 32 invited governors — held a meeting related to Korsup in the mining sector, also in the oil and gas sector, new renewable energy and electricity.