Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia is civil society coalition focusing on the transparency and accountability of extractive resource governance, covering oil and gas, mineral and coal, as well as other natural resources. PWYP Indonesia collaborating with Open Oil, Berlin based consultancy specialized on open data and natural resources will conduct mentoring program on the financial modelling in the extractive industries.

Mentoring Program on the Financial Modelling developed by Open Oil and PWYP Indonesia utilizing project based approach and publicly available data and information, both provided by the company and third party. Through financial modelling, public is able to ensure the implementation of contract, especially related to the fiscal regime which effects state revenue; evaluate the project’s profitability as one of the considerations of decision to extract; also estimate the future state revenue from the extractive industries. Financial modelling further can be developed into cost and benefit analysis of extractive industries for economy, social and environment.

Financial model can answer these strategic questions which has not been reached by the public, including: What could future government revenue flows under various scenarios? How much state revenue should have been obtained? How much the project asset value for the investor? What is profit split between government and company? What are the effect of changes in production, price, costs or contract? Does the deal done by the government make sense?

This program will conduct mentoring activity to develop community of financial modeler in Indonesia and the region through development of knowledge and sharing experience and skill to compose and analysis financial model. Community of financial modeler is not limited to civil society organization, but also academics, journalist and government officials. By doing so, demand on the data and information disclosure in the extractive industries is expected to increase. In addition, greater analysis generated from the financial model also lead do more substantive public discourse. For instance, better fiscal terms which bring greater profit for the government as well as local revenue planning.

This program is a statement of support on the data and information openness policy, also an encouragement for the government to use data as the basis of policy making, particularly in the extractive industries sector.

This year, we initiate mentoring program on the financial modelling aiming to develop greater community of financial modeler which expected to collaborate in the future to develop financial model, particularly in the extractive industries.

Mentoring Stages

  1. Developing basic skill through online course related to: a) Excel, b) FAST modeling standard. PWYP-Open Oil will provide voucher for the participants to be able attend those courses freely.
  2. Identifying project by considering project relevancy and public interest, data availability and individual capacity. The participants at least have to obtain 70% of final score in the first stage to be able to continue into this stage. PWYP-Open Oil will assist the participants to collect data and identify project.
  3. Developing financial model, including data collection and model development. The outputs cover spreadsheet in Excel, summary of source documentation and narrative report highlighting the findings generated from the model. PWYP-Open Oil will assist the participants to develop the financial. The completion of financial model will be conducted in the modelling workshop which will be held on October 2017.

How to Join the Program?
We open the opportunity for public to join the mentoring program and work with our modelling team to develop your own financial model as well as attend the workshop along with other modelling teams from Indonesia as well as other countries with the following conditions:

Conditions and How to Register

  1. The participants work in the economic, finance, law, social, public policy and other relevant sectors, coming from non-governmental organizations/civil society organizations, government, university, researchers, journalist as well practitioners in the extractive industries. Having English ability is a plus, because the participants will work directly with experts from several countries in developing financial model
  2. Support and promote data and information openness for knowledge development and public policy
  3. Have strong commitment and curiosity to develop knowledge and skills in financial modelling aspect
  4. Have strong commitment to share experience, knowledge and skill to public related to financial modelling and other crucial aspects which became public’s concern.
  5. Fill in the online form no later than 9 September 2017

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