Tuesday, July 1, 2014, 05:07:00 WIB
Report: Samrut Lellolsima

RMOL. The Civil Society Coalition for Tax Transparency challenges the Prabowo-Hatta and Jokowi-JK pair of presidential and vice-presidential candidates to open their annual tax notification (SPT) that they report to the public.

The Coalition believes that the presidential and vice-presidential SPT transparency is needed to test the commitment to resolve tax issues, as well as to test whether or not they have been obedient to paying taxes.

“Challenging both presidential and vice-presidential candidates voluntarily disclose personal tax data (SPT Persons) in the last 3 years to the public, no later than July 5, 2014, or 4 days before the election time,” said the contents of the coalition challenge written in the statement received by the editor, last night (Monday, 6/30).

The Coalition holds that the SPT is the easiest legal tool to confirm and is used as a measure of the public accountability of a vice-presidential candidate. Voluntary disclosure of personal tax data by taxpayers does not violate the Tax Law. In addition, opening the personal tax data of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates is also important to provide new things in our political process, namely the healthy tradition begins the transparent process of the prospective leader.

Civil Society Coalition for Tax Transparency is a coalition composed of representatives of individuals and institutions, namely Firdaus Ilyas (Indonesia Corruption Watch), Roy Salam (Indonesia Budget Center), Uli Parulian (Indonesia Legal Resource Center), Prastowo (Taxation Practitioners), Muji Kartika Rahayu (National Law Reform Consortium).

Then Dahnil Anzar (Academic Faculty of Economics, Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University, Banten), Rio Ismail (The Ecological Justice), Ibrahim Fahmi Badoh (Transparency International Indonesia), Erwin Natosmal Oemar (Indonesian Legal Roundtable), Sonny Mumbunan (Researcher in Economics), Setyo Budiantoro (Prakarsa), Hamong Santono (INFID), Alvon Kunia Palma (Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation), Michael B. Hoelman (Political Observer), and Aryo Nugroho (Publish Watch You Pay).

The coalition is planned to come and submit a letter of challenge for the candidates and vice president to open a personal tax return on Tuesday 1 July 2014 at 14.00 at the KPU office along with the announcement of the presidential and vice-presidential wealth reports.

“The coalition said that it would be willing to appear as a witness if the presidential and vice-presidential candidates would announce their personal tax data to the public. The Coalition will also campaign to the public not to elect presidential candidates who are unwilling to announce to the public or dishonestly report personal tax data, “said another part of the coalition’s statement. [Dem]

Source: Republika