The appointment of the Governor of Southeast Sulawesi Nur Alam as a corruption suspect on suspicion of granting a mining permit is evidence that the mining permit mechanism is prone to corrupt practices. As reported, NA has become a suspect for allegedly issuing a Mining Area Reserve Approval Decree, an Exploration Mining Business Permit (IUP) and Exploration Approval Decree for an Exploration Mining Business Permit into a Production Operation Mining Business License to PT AHB as a company conducting nickel mining in Buton Regency and Bombana, Southeast Sulawesi.

The following is a study infographic of the results of the Coordination and Supervision (Korsup) of the Corruption Eradication Commission along with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and local governments in the mineral and coal sector which shows the potential for corruption in mining licenses.

In Publication , Infographic | PWYP Indonesia | September 6th, 2016