The book of ‘Patriot Bumi’: Kendeng’s Struggle to Save Life

Sedulur Kendeng, a very distinctive and identical expression of brotherhood and solidarity, is intended for the Samin indigenous community, especially Sedulur Sikep, who lives around the foothills of the Kendeng mountains, Central Java. Sedulur Kendeng is well-known for consistently defending its agricultural land and protecting water, and protecting the Kendeng mountains from exploitation by extractive industries, particularly protecting from mining activities for karst rock, which is the primary raw material for the cement industry.

This book tells a glimpse of Sedulur Sikep’s story in fighting for Kendeng from a sociological, cultural, and policy advocacy perspective. Presented through a series of chapters and sub-chapters that tell and tell about the struggle of Sedulur Sikep, which is arranged in the dimensions of time, place, and various natural and symbolic activities. This book also reviews the support and solidarity of the community and the public at large for Sedulur Kendeng’s struggle so that anyone who has the vision to protect the environment and natural resources and fight for the community’s rights has become part of ‘Sedulur Kendeng.’

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Mokh. Sobirin

Sholahudin Al Ayubi

PWYP Indonesia

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