Maryati Abullah, National Coordinator at PWYP Indonesia attended the invitation as a panelist in the limited panel discussion “Oil and Gas, Problems and Solutions” held by Kompas on April 18, 2013. Another panelist was Deputy Finance Minister Mahendra Siregar, Former SKK Migas Deputy Abdul Muin, Researcher CSIS J Kristiadi, Director of the Indonesian Center for Green Economy Darmawan Prasodjo from Surya University and lecturer at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Indonesia, Faisal Basri. Also present were members of the House of Representatives from Commission 7, Satya W Yudha, member of the EITI Indonesia national secretariat, Ambarsari Dwi Cahyani, and as moderator was Rhenald Kasali. A number of panelists said that one of the national oil and gas problems in Indonesia is the country’s inability to eradicate the oil and gas mafia that controls the oil and gas trade network from the upstream to downstream sectors

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