Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 14 of 2008 regarding Public Information Disclosure (Keterbukaan Informasi Publik/KIP) mandates the implementation of public information disclosure by any public bodies, both at central and local levels. Basically, all the public information is transparent, except for the excluded ones. Despite its entry into force in 2010, the implementation of public information disclosure is not yet optimum.

Based on evaluation conducted by Central Information Commission (KI) in 2018, of 460 public bodies, we can say that only 104 (equal to 22.61%) bodies have implemented the public information disclosure. At the same time, the other 77% is not deemed to have carried out the mandate of the KIP Law (Central Information Commission, 2019).

The extractive industry sector has been a nontransparent one. Despite transparency wave in this sector resulting in the revenue data and information disclosure, the license-related data and information remain difficult to access. In fact, the KIP Law explicitly states that any contract and license documents are open information.

Johan Rahmatulloh, Rizky Ananda Wulan Sapta Rini

Maryati Abdullah

PWYP Indonesia

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