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Photo Source here., JAKARTA – Energy sector infrastructure projects are considered prone to corrupt practices related to the increasing focus of government programs in the development of the sector.

Indonesian Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Economic Policy Researcher Wiko Saputra revealed that energy infrastructure procurement projects are prone to corruption. This is especially so in areas that are not well electrified.

This was related to the appointment of a member of Commission VII DPR from the Hanura faction, Dewie Yasin Limpo by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) yesterday. Dewie was arrested by the KPK after allegedly receiving a sum of money related to a micro hydro power plant project in Deiyai ​​Regency, Papua for the 2016 fiscal year.

Wiko said that the micro hydro power plant construction project is relatively different from conventional electricity procurement. He estimates that the project will be carried out based on a project proposed by the district to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

“This is suspected to be through the desk proposal mechanism, where regions can propose the development of energy infrastructure projects to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. This is prone to corruption, “said Wiko in his statement, Wednesday (22/10/2015).

Therefore, he continued, the KPK must be able to reveal who were the parties involved in the case. According to him, the energy infrastructure project is suspected of involving local governments, legislators and companies.

The development of infrastructure such as micro-hydro, he said, has the potential for corruption because the local government collaborates with companies that will first work on the project concerned. Moreover, said Wiko, the state budget is very concentrated on infrastructure development, which gives access to the corruption practice in that area.


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