Jakarta – The Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia Coalition celebrated a historic moment where, as of January 2024, the PWYP Indonesia National Secretariat (Seknas) has started its activity in the new office in South Jakarta. January 11, 2024, a celebration was held to mark the New Office Warming of the PWYP Indonesia National Secretariat, which the Governing Board, National Coordinators attended from time to time, coalition members, strategic partners, and the entire Big Family of the PWYP Indonesia coalition in an atmosphere full of warmth and togetherness.

The celebration of the new office was also a celebration for the big family of PWYP Indonesia for the hard work and dedication of all parties who have supported the struggle of PWYP Indonesia so far. PWYP Indonesia’s new office symbolizes its commitment to strengthening the movement towards fairer and more transparent governance of energy and natural resources.

In his speech, PWYP Indonesia’s National Coordinator, Aryanto Nugroho, expressed profound gratitude to all parties who always support and pray for PWYP Indonesia.

“The PWYP Indonesia National Secretariat office is one of the milestones of hard work and support from the entire PWYP Indonesia Big Family. We hope that in the future, this office can become a ‘movement house’ that can be optimized for the Secretariat, the PWYP Indonesia coalition, and the civil society movement in general.” said Aryanto.

Natalia Soebagijo, Chairperson of the Governing Board of PWYP Indonesia, hopes that this new office can be a means to continue to fight for advocacy in the energy and natural resources sector, which is full of challenges and needs a long breath.

“The struggle of the civil society movement is relentless. One problem is solved, and another problem arises to be solved. We must not give up easily.” This message motivates PWYP Indonesia to open a new page in the new office.

In addition to being a moment to celebrate achievements, this celebration of the office also symbolizes a place to strengthen relationships with coalition partners and strategic partners. With great enthusiasm, PWYP Indonesia continues to move into the future, believing that this new office will become a center for more productive and effective collaboration in realizing the vision of transparency and justice in energy and natural resource management.

Author: Ersya Nailuvar
Reviewer: Aryanto Nugroho