Jakarta – The Kendeng Mountains Caring Community Network (JMPPK) held a meeting with the Head of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) Moeldoko. JMPPK requested that the Strategic Environmental Assessment (KLHS) in the Kendeng Mountains be carried out according to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) ‘s instructions.

“We ask that this must be carried out, this is what instructs Pak Jokowi, this has to go back to Mr. Jokowi, whether this is followed up, such as creating presidential interruptions, or regulations. This is up to Pak Jokowi, but this is Mr. Jokowi’s own order when it is not being carried out, this is poor Pak Jokowi, this is an order, “said JMPPK Chairman Gunretno after meeting Moeldoko at the Presidential Palace Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday, November 19, 2019.

According to him, until now kendeng is still designated as a potential mine area. In fact, he said, KLHS recommended that no new permits be issued.

Gunretno explained that KLHS is an order of Law Number 32 of 2009 concerning Environmental Protection and Management. Therefore, KLHS must be carried out by the central and local governments to prevent environmental damage. Gunretno also asked the government to follow up on a number of problems that occurred in Kendeng. Everything JMPPK has disclosed to Moeldoko.

“I think we feel that this is an omission. So we tell Pak Moeldoko, how will this be our country if this destruction continues. This must be firm action,” he said.

It is known, Jokowi has entrusted a message to the KSP as the coordinator between the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), Ministry of BUMN, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) to conduct KLHS in North Kendeng on 2 August 2016.

Gunretno said that until now, KLHS could not be used as a basis for protecting areas in the Kendeng Mountains.

“Talking about the follow-up to KLHS. So KLHS is Jokowi’s order to answer the long conflict about Kendeng,” he said.

Until now, the palace represented by Moeldoko has not given a definite answer to the JMPPK’s insistence. Moeldoko admitted that he would first coordinate with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, BUMN and ESDM to discuss violations committed by certain parties in the Kendeng Mountains.

“He (Moeldoko) will communicate with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and others to follow up on these violations,” said Gunretno.

Source: Tagar