Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The mineral and coal sector (Minerba) is considered to have an adverse gap. For this reason, President Joko Widodo was asked to pay more attention.

The insistence was sparked by the Anti-Mafia Coalition, they asked Jokowi to go directly to the field to see the chaotic chaos of the mineral and coal sector. The coalition of 58 non-governmental organizations campaigned for the hashtag, or fence mark, #BlusukanTambang for Jokowi.

“We urge that Jokowi see first-hand the condition of Minerba on the field. #BlusukanTambang is a form of our campaign to make Jokowi blusukan,” said Maryati, Publish What You Pay (PWYP) coordinator, one of the members of the Anti-Mafia Mining Coalition, in Jakarta on Sunday (7/12).
Maryati said that the Indonesian Minerba sector had problems, especially in the realm of licensing. Based on its findings, almost 44 percent of the total 10,648 mining business licenses have still not been settled. The issue is seen as a form of weak governance of the mining permit system in Indonesia.

In addition, 1,372 million hectares of mining permits are located in conservation forest areas. The area includes 1.16 million hectares of lease-to-use forest area permits (IIPKH) for IUPs, 110.21 thousand hectares for Contract of Work (KK), and 101.99 thousand hectares for Coal Mining Concession Work Agreements (PKP2B) located in Forest Areas Conservation.

“But what drew the most attention, the potential loss of the country in the Minerba sector reached more than Rp 919.18 billion. Jokowi cannot stay silent, “Maryati said.

Maryati thinks that the government as the licensor must immediately stop or revoke permits on problematic IUPs. “So we hope that this issue will unravel after Jokowi wants to launch the #BlusukanTambang campaign,” he said. (eno/eno)

Source: Gilang Fauzi, CNN Indonesia, Sunday, 12/07/2014 13:55 WIB.