– Indonesian Publish What You Pay Coordinator Maryati Abdullah estimates that Indonesia is entering the oil and gas reserve crisis in 2028. According to her, this happened because the government saw the oil and gas sector as a commodity that continued to be exploited without being managed into a finished product.

“The oil and gas sector should be seen as an asset. If this is not changed by the government, Indonesia’s oil reserves can only last no more than 13 years with the same level of production and exploitation. If there is no change at all,” Maryati said in a discussion on Oil and Gas Governance Reform Efforts at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Tuesday (05/26/2015).

According to Maryati, the government has not seen the oil and gas sector as an asset that can provide added value to reduce poverty disparities in Indonesia, which are now increasingly far away.

Because, so far the government in making policies for the oil and gas sector has not made this sector an economic driver.

“On the energy side, we will have a deficit. If we don’t make a breakthrough, we will experience a crisis,”she said.

Maryati hopes the government will immediately make a breakthrough so that Indonesia is able to increase oil and gas reserves in the coming years. If not, Indonesia will continue to depend on oil and gas imports.

“This demand continues to increase, but production has not increased. Automatically our oil reserves continue to decline. So it needs the latest breakthrough, for example by reducing crude oil exports, this can be utilized for production as a finished product. So here the government needs to play a role in reorganizing oil and gas governance in Indonesia to increase our oil reserves, “she said.