Jakarta (23/06/2015) – One of the critical issues in the preparation of the EITI report (2012-2013) is a template for the reporting entity. Templates were prepared by the Independent Administrator (IA) should be in accordance with the New Standard EITI. To ensure, the parties in EITI Indonesia discuss “gap” between 2012-2013 reporting templates with the New Standard EITI on June 23rd, 2015 in Central Jakarta.

Emanuel Bria from NRGI described some examples of other countries templates that can be used as a reference for the completion of the third EITI report template Indonesia. Alex Gordy from EITI International Secretariat do a lot of confirmation and clarification of the template that has been prepared, including information about barter infrastructure, cost recovery, corporate social responsibility (CSR), profit sharing fund (DBH) and SOEs.


The templates that have been developed include the reconciled information such as income tax (PPH), lifting, domestic market obligation (DMO), royalty and others. In addition, there is unreconciled information for CSR (unilateral), GDP, infrastructure (roads, airports, dams, etc.), transportation fees and other payments.


Other topics is the information which is required in a the New Standard but unavailable in Indonesia, for example, information about barter infrastructure. Alex Gordy suggested that such issues should be discussed at the meeting of MSG at once proved that the information about the barter infrastructure is unavailable, so it does not need to be reported.