“Object mining until doomsday,” that is the commitment of Pining Community in saving the Leuser forest in order to remain sustain. This joint statement declared on May 26, 2016, which initiated by Aman Jarum as local indigenous leader. People of Pining have a close relation with nature. Their ancestors, the Gayo tribe were lived in the forest, including the Leuser Ecosystem Area. From living in the forest, then come a tradition and value of appreciation toward nature. Their ancestors always said to keep the Leuser Forest area and do not damage the forest with any activity. Unfortunately, the value which kept by Pining community threatened. The government of Gayo Lues has issued the mining license for galena to PT Wayang Mining Gayo Indo for exploration and exploitation. This government decision then caused strong objection from community. As revealed by Aman Jarum, “I have never seen an environment friendly-mining, there are no prosperous community around mining.” Then how are Pining people defend their territory from the exploitative industry? Find out more in “Fragment from Pining” (trailer). For those who want to watch full series of this film, do not hesitate to contact us at sekretariat@pwyp-indonesia.org