The project on promoting transparency and the use of revenue sharing for poverty
alleviation that called as “Reversing the Resources Curse” project was remain the
important lesson learned on working with the communities in grassroots and engaging
with government in other side. To date, the community center already settled in 8
villages of 4 District; the local government leader has been aware on importance of
transparency on extractive industries and the revenue management for poverty
alleviation. The main PPID (Management Center for Information and Documentation)
in the four pilot District has been established; TKPKD (Regional Team Work for
Poverty Alleviation) already aware on their main role as a resources center. There are
needs to establish local regulation for optimizing the extractive transparency and the
use of revenue for poverty alleviation as well as to strengthen the significant and
effective role of TKPKD on poverty alleviation strategy and PPID on giving access of
information to the public.


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