This fact paper outlines the vision, mission, and programs of the President and Vice President Jokowi-JK in particular 15 (fifteen) related aspects in the fields of energy, extractive industries, mining, and natural resources. The 15 aspects are (1) Regulations, resilience and law enforcement aspects; (2) aspects of eradicating corruption in the natural resources sector; (3) aspects of production and state revenue; (4) aspects of infrastructure development; (5) aspects of energy subsidies; (6) aspects of energy conversion, energy-saving and the development of new renewable energy; (7) Aspects of providing national electricity needs; (8) Aspects of increasing the added value and downstream of the natural resources industry; (9) Aspects of renegotiation of mining contracts; (10) aspects of investment, trade, and industrial development; (11) social aspects; (12) Aspects of institutional governance; (13) Aspects of strengthening the forestry sector; (14) aspects of nature conservation, spatial planning and environmental sustainability; and (15) aspects of climate change.