Meeting to prepare publication of the EITI Indonesia Report held in Jakarta, April 14, 2014; Agenda 1) Discussion of EITI Indonesia Phase II Report Draft Oil and Gas sector 2) Technical Preparation of Report Publication; On this occasion, Maryati Abdullah, National Coordinator of PWYP Indonesia also as Civil society organization representatives in the EITI Implementation Team conveyed several views related to the draft EITI Indonesia report phase II of the oil and gas sector, including 1) for the unreconciled lifting section, for example, due to dispute cost recovery, she asked to explain in more detail to avoid misleading 2) an explanation of the correlation with National Public Procurement Agency (LKPP) is important so it needs to be explained as clearly as possible 3) In general about lifting that still have differences in 2009, can an association explain the correlation and if it can add an explanation of the differences in 2009 and whether they are related in the following year, as well as what’s new in 2010-2011 but not yet in 2009.