Surabaya – EITI Indonesia Secretariat, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources held the second Extractive Data Portal Consultation with the theme “Building Collaboration Between Stakeholders Towards Better Mining Governance.” The activity, which took place on June 26-27, 2023, aims to obtain input from potential portal users from various backgrounds, namely producing local governments, civil society organizations (CSOs), research institutions, and academics, so that data and information in the portal can be used easily and provide benefits for improving governance.

Participants who participated in this activity came from representatives of local governments, civil society organizations (CSOs), and academics. Representatives from the Local Government are DIY PUPESDM Agency, West Java ESDM Agency, East Java ESDM Agency, Central Java ESDM Agency, East Kalimantan ESDM Agency, West Kalimantan ESDM Agency, Central Sulawesi ESDM Agency, Southeast Sulawesi ESDM Agency, Gorontalo ESDM Agency.

Civil society representatives: PWYP, ICEL, FITRA East Java, LSBH NTB, PUSAKA Sidoarjo, LePMIL Southeast Sulawesi. Academia Representatives: ITS, FEB UNAIR, Borneo Tarakan University, Palangkaraya University, Hasanuddin University. There were almost 50 active participants who were involved online and offline.

The Head of the Center opened the consultation meeting for Data Technology and Information of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Mr. Agus Cahyono Adi. His remarks stated that EITI is a global standard for transparent and responsible governance of natural resources in oil, gas, mineral, and coal. The goal is to strengthen the governance system through data disclosure in each extractive industry value chain, including licensing and contracts, production, oil and gas & mineral and coal revenues, and revenue sharing. To implement transparency, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources encourages systematic disclosure by developing the Extractive Data Portal.

The Extractive Data Portal is expected to be a portal where data and information can be optimally utilized by user groups from various circles, including central and local governments, industry, CSOs, academics, and the media.

This portal is expected to function as a one-stop shop for extractive industry transparency data, regularly publishing data collected from the oil and gas and mineral and coal mining transparency process. The presentation of the portal is expected to be easily accessible to the public in an open-data and user-friendly format so that it can be efficiently utilized for further analysis to encourage improvements in mining governance.

Participants provided much input to the extractive data portal from the appearance, data presentation, data information, and graphic visualization to make it easier for users to use the portal. The participants said.

In closing the consultation activity, representatives of Pusdatin ESDM / EITI Indonesia secretariat said that before being released, all data presented was tested publicly through consultation forum activities to Extractive Industry stakeholders. At the end of July 2023, the third consultation will be held in producing areas in Riau province. He hopes that the Extractive Data Portal Consultation Forum can be a means of joint discussion between the Government and Industry, as well as elements of society so that the results of the consultation carried out can be helpful for the sustainability of the Extractive Data Portal in the future.