, JAKARTA – There are at least 25 mining businesses in Rembang Regency, Central Java, which will threaten the karst area and other resources.

This was found in the latest research by the Bank Indonesia Response Coalition on the theme of the Role of Banking in the Development of the Cement Industry in the Watuputih Groundwater Basin, Rembang.

The results of the study indicate that the district has a karst area and a wealth of other natural resources that will be used for the development of the mining and cement industry in Indonesia.

“The Rembang Regency Government has allocated space for mining and industrial businesses,” said the Indonesian ResponsiBank Coalition, Sunday (1/11/2015).

The Bank Responsi Coalition consists of a number of civil organizations, namely Infid, ICW, Prakarsa, PWYP, Walhi, and YLKI. The researchers noted that there were 25 mining businesses in Rembang, namely:


  1. CV Alam Megah Putih (limestone)
  2. CV Andesit Tras Makmur (tras rock)
  3. CV Driji Kencana (marble)
  4. CV Batu Permata (quartz sand)
  5. CV Mitra Sukses (limestone)
  6. CV Sinsantuk (tras rock)
  7. CV Sumilir Jaya (tras rock)
  8. CV Wahyu Manunggal (limestone)
  9. CV Zen 99 (tras rock)
  10. Koperasi Aneka Tambang (tras rock)
  11. Koperasi Wreda Sejahtera (tras rock)
  12. PT Kawi Aria Putra (tras rock)
  13. PT Sinar Asia Fortuna (limestone)
  14. PT Sinar Asia Fortuna (limestone, different mining location)
  15. Saudara Basirun (andesite stone)
  16. Saudara Djuwaro (andesite stone)
  17. Saudari Fatimatuz Zahro (tras rock)
  18. Saudara H. Achyar (quartz sand)
  19. Saudara Sarip (quartz sand)
  20. Saudari Sekar Sari (tras rock)
  21. Saudari Siti Naula (tras rock)
  22. Saudara Supriyanto (andesite stone)
  23. UD Jago (gravel)
  24. PT Semen Gresik Tbk (clay)
  25. PT Semen Indonesia (factory establishment)