Jakarta – The Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia Coalition held a National Secretariat Consultation Meeting with the Governing Board on March 17, 2023, in a hybrid meeting in Central Jakarta. Joined in the activity were the Chairperson and Members of the PWYP Indonesia Governing Board, the National Coordinator, and senior staff of the PWYP Indonesia National Secretariat, who discussed several strategic issues that the National Coordinator would carry out for improvement and improvement of organizational performance and governance.

In the context of strengthening organizational governance, the National Coordinator proposed several improvements to standard operating procedures (SOPs) to be discussed, for example, the revision of the Financial SOP and the revision of the Goods and Services Procurement SOP, as well as several new SOPs, namely the Complaint Mechanism SOP, the Anti-Corruption SOP and the Conflict of Interest Prevention SOP.

In the meeting, one of the mandates of the 2020 General Meeting of Members (RUA) mandates was also discussed, which was the draft Code of Ethics for the PWYP Indonesia coalition. It was agreed to discuss the draft code of ethics with members of the PWYP coalition to get more comprehensive input.

Author: Aryanto Nugroho