From left to right, Mona, Maftuchan, and Maryati Abdullah. (Photo: Ignatius Dwiana)
07:31 WIB | Monday, June 2, 2014

JAKARTA, SATUHARAPAN.COM – National Coordinator of Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Maryati Abdullah expressed the commitment of presidential candidates (vice-presidential candidates) and vice-presidential candidates (vice president) in the transparency of the Annual Tax Return (SPT) needed.

Maryati Abdullah acknowledged that the effort to encourage transparency was not easy in the momentum of the Presidential Election this time. This is because there is no legal basis governing it in the Presidential Election. “Because of the drafters of the Law, electoral actors do not want tax transparency.”

She argues that the commitment of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates in transparency is important and requires political will. “This is not just a matter of opening up the tax data, how much tax he pays, but also seeing how the potential income and disappearance from tax revenue itself. Through the commitment of presidential and vice-presidential candidates to open SPT, in my opinion, it is the first step to open taxpayer data, to see the reasonableness of public officials in paying taxes. Once the presidential and vice-presidential candidates want to open their tax returns then surely in the future they must be obliged to all those who are required to carry out LHKPN (State Organizers’ Asset Report) to open their tax returns, “Maryati Abdullah said at a press conference of the civil society coalition incorporated in the Fair Tax Forum in Jakarta. on Sunday (1/6).

This taxation transparency in the future will also make it possible to avoid business people who cheat in seeking rent. Because these fraudulent business people try to increase profits by approaching state authorities to obtain business protection in an unusual mode.
Maryati Abdullah also said that tax transparency when a presidential and vice-presidential candidate is carried out also allows the public to assess the assets of state officials or public officials according to their commitment to pay taxes. Because the vice-presidential candidate’s commitment to pay taxes is also a form of their commitment to support the populist economic system and build the welfare of the people following Indonesian law to fulfill the needs of their citizens’ rights.

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