Jakarta – a number of civil society members of the Anti Mafia Mining Coalition expressed their aspirations related to mineral and coal governance issues in the Coordination and Supervision of the KPK in the Natural Resources Sector, which took place at Manggala Wana Bakti (22/4). The Anti Mafia Mining Coalition consists of the Akar Foundation, WALHI Bengkulu, Genesis Bengkulu, WALHI Lampung, WATALA, and Banten PATTIRO, PWYP Indonesia, Auriga, ICW, TUK, SPKS, National JATAM, WALHI National Secretariat, RMI.

Coordination and supervision (Korsup) of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is the supervision and prevention of corruption through a scheme of coordination and supervision activities in saving natural resources, especially the mining, forest, estate and maritime sectors. The first stage of Korsup KPK took place in 12 provinces which began in early 2014, and continued with Korsup KPK phase 2 in 19 provinces which began in December 2014.

The KPK Korsup was attended by the Governor, Regents in Bengkulu, Banten and Lampung Provinces and related SKPD. The Governor or his representative in this event had the opportunity to explain the progress of the Corruption Eradication Commission in each province. Civil society also had the opportunity to present findings in the field.

“A total of 129,654.04 hectares of protected and conservation forest areas in 3 Provinces (Bengkulu, Lampung and Banten) have been burdened with mining permits. Based on data from the Director General of Forestry Ministry’s Planning Planology, as many as 123,693.74 hectares of mining areas are included in protected forest areas, with a total IUP of 34 units (2 Contracts of Work and 32 Mining Business Licenses). And there are 5,960.3 ha of mining areas that enter conservation forest which consists of 31 mining permits (1 KK, 30 IUP). ” Satria said representative of the Bengkulu Root Foundation.

“In fact, the use of conservation forest areas for non-forestry activities clearly violates the rules of Law No. 41 of 1999 concerning Forestry, and Law No. 5 of 1990 concerning Conservation of Living Natural Resources, “Satria added.

“Regarding on licensing, where it is average almost 50% of IUP in 3 Provinces are still non-CnC (Clear and Clean) status. The large number of IUPs that are still non-CNC shows that there are still widespread violations in conducting mining business. And local and central government as the licensor is still weak in providing sanctions or legal actions to holders of non-CNC IUPs.” According to Alian Setiadi from WALHI Lampung.

This mine problem also has a negative impact on the environment. Sony Taurus representative of Walhi Bengkulu said, “Coal mining activities in Bengkulu caused damage to the Watershed (DAS) namely the Bengkulu River water catchment area and the Kerkap River, so residents could not use this water for irrigating rice fields, bathing, washing, and drinking. This environmental damage also disturbs the habitat of wild animals, and even 2 people around the forest are victims of being attacked by tigers.”

The miners also have not been serious in protecting the environment. 98% of mining permit holders in 3 provinces do not have reclamation guarantees and almost 100% do not have post mining guarantees. The lack of IUPs that fulfill the reclamation and post-mining guarantee obligations, shows that the commitment and supervision of local and central governments in the recovery of the mining environment is very low.

Eko Sulistiantoro from Watala Lampung highlighted Gunung Anak Krakatau’s black sand suctioning activity under the guise of disaster mitigation. Sand from this region has the best quality, and made the company begin to explore in the form of black sand suction under the guise of research. This dredging has been started since 2009, and is allegedly legalized by South Lampung Regency Government. Walhi Lampung urges Perda No. 11/2014 concerning Regional Mitigation of Geological Disasters in the South Lampung region to be revoked, because it is contrary to the provisions of Law No. 5/1990 concerning Conservation of Living Natural Resources and Ecosystems.

The Anti Mafia Coalition mine also presented the results of the calculation of the potential loss of the country / potential lost from land rent contributions, referring to PP no. 9/2012 concerning tariffs and types of PNBP. Aryanto Nugroho, advocacy and network manager of PWYP Indonesia, said that from 2010-2013 the estimated potential loss of revenue reached Rp. 25.05 billion in Bengkulu, Rp. 10.46 billion in Lampung, and Rp. 5.35 AD in Banten.

In this KPK Korsup, the Anti Mafia Mining Coalition recommends that the government revoke mining licenses located in protected and conservation forest areas, and licenses that are not CnC. It also demands that the government publish permits that have been revoked, so that the public can conduct surveillance. Asking the government to accommodate the safety aspects of citizens and the environment in controlling, managing permits, and enforcing the law. And KPK is asked to develop an investigation into the findings of potential state losses from land rent and royalty fees.