We are gathering here today amidst crises and conflicts wrapping our world. It suffices to say that we all share the misery and sadness experienced by millions of our brothers and sisters caused by humanitarian and climate change crises, rising inflation, food and energy shortages.

This is the most disappointing time of the history for G20. Never has there been a precedent where G20 is so divided that numerous ministerial meetings failed to produce joint ministerial declarations. This is a huge concern for civil society organisations, as it shows that the G20 has not been able to put aside their differences, instead focus on their own interests.

We call to all leaders of G20 to end their own self-interests and work as a united front to solve the crises.It is time to collaborate to promote world peace and humanity by enhancing recovery efforts to solve the current global situation.

Recover together, Recover stronger is the commitment of G20 under Indonesia’s Presidency as a principle to navigate policy solutions to the world’s problems. However, it can only be achieved if G20 collaborates with other countries that have the same common goals, are committed to a concerted effort to recover from the pandemic, leaving no one behind, with input and support from civil society organizations.

G20 prioritizes three issues: Global Health Architecture, Sustainable Energy Transition and Digital Transformation. However, without adhering to the principles of justice, equality, inclusiveness, collaboration and sharing financial resources, these priorities may not be able to solve the root. causes of the problem.

C20 Political Statement