According to the evaluation official report of offering letter on 10 April 2021, with this letter we are announcing :

Vendors Name : Ibox Casablanca (PT Data Citra Mandiri)

Offering Price : IDR 25.099.000,- (Macbook Pro M1) & IDR 21.799.000,- (Macbook Air M1)

Corrected Price : IDR 24.499.000,-(Macbook Pro M1) & IDR 20.999.000,- (Macbook Air M1)

Vendors Name : IT Galleri (PT. Sumbermulia Hasilguna)

Offering Price. : IDR 15.999.000,- (Windows i7 Core-MSI Modem15, A11SB-070ID)

Corrected Price. : IDR. 15.999.000,-

Thus we convey, thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.


Jakarta, April 14 2021

Procurements Team

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