JAKARTA – The Anti-Mafia Mining Community Coalition staged a rally in front of the KPK building on Thursday (12/3) yesterday. In this peaceful action, the Anti-Mining Community Coalition rejects the criminalization that has been carried out against the KPK, and fully supports the process of eradicating corruption in the Natural Resources sector. Various attributes are used to convey the aspirations of rejecting the mining mafia.

This action is an effort to provide support to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) which has begun to seriously and systematically eradicate corruption in the mineral and coal sector through the initiation of Coordination and Supervision (Korsup) in 2014. The Korsup in the mineral and coal sector is focused on 5 things, namely: structuring Mining Business Licenses (IUP), Implementation of financial obligations of IUP actors, Implementation of supervision of production and sale of mineral and coal, Implementation of processing and refining obligations, and Implementation of environmental management obligations. The first Korsup is focused in 12 provinces, as an area of 70% of mining activities from the given IUP.

After the first stage of Korsup, the KPK became more progressive in Korsup phase 2 by involving 19 mineral-producing provinces. In the second stage, the Corruption Eradication Commission also entered the marine and plantation sectors, as well as irregularities committed by multinational corporations towards forest and mining assets.

“In one year, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has eradicated corruption in the natural resources sector and could save 10 trillion of state money. But the mining mafia, forest mafia, garden mafia, and other natural resource mafias that have been plundering our natural resources have united to destroy the KPK. ” According to Aryanto Nugroho, Manager of the Indonesian PWYP Network Advocacy Program as well as coordinating the action that afternoon.

During efforts to eradicate corruption carried out, the Corruption Eradication Commission got weak efforts from various parties. Indications of the weakening of the KPK have strengthened after the temporary leadership of the KPK handed over the case of Komjen Gunawan to the Attorney General’s Office and ignored the review of the pretrial ruling, which damaged the legal order and the corruption eradication agenda.

“For the umpteenth time, we are present at the building which is a symbol of corruption resistance, where today is experiencing a shock. Its leaders are criminalized, investigators are criminalized, anti-corruption activists are criminalized. We reject all forms of weakening of the KPK, “continued Aryanto.

In its action, the Anti-Mafia Mining Community Coalition demanded several things, namely: first, to urge the KPK to conduct legal remedies to the Supreme Court over the decision of the South Jakarta District Court that granted the pretrial filed by the corruption suspect Budi Gunawan; secondly, supporting the agenda to eradicate corruption continues by canceling the transfer of the Budi Gunawan case to the Attorney General’s Office and STOP in the effort to destroy the KPK by the mafia, corruptors and political oligarchs in Indonesia; third, STOP criminalization of KPK leaders, KPK investigators and KPK staff, media, anti-corruption activists, and the public who support the eradication of corruption; fourth, supporting the agenda to eradicate corruption, especially in the mining, forest, plantation, marine, and other natural resources sectors.

Participated in the #ScueKPK #ScueSlamic Natural Resources action, namely: PWYP Indonesia, Auriga, Transparency International Indonesia, Indonesia Corruption Watch, PATTIRO, Indonesia Parliamentary Center, FITRA National Secretariat, GERAK Aceh, WALHI Aceh, WALHI North Sumatra, WALHI West Sumatra, WALHI Riau, FITRA Riau Riau, AKAR Bengkulu, PATTIRO Banten, IDEA Yogyakarta, LPAW Blora, FITRA Central Java, FITRA East Java, LSBH NTB, SOMASI NTB, WALHI South Sumatra, LEPMIL Southeast Sulawesi, SAMPAN West Kalimantan, Swandiri Institute, WALHI South Kalimantan, JATAM East Kalimantan , Pokja-30 East Kalimantan, JATAM Central Sulawesi, WALHI, and LMND.