, Jakarta – Indonesian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) held a Week of Action for Earth to support COP28 with the theme Power for A Greener Future. This moment also marks the launch of the disability-friendly website

The CSOs consist of the Association of Micro Small Business Women Facilitators (ASPPUK), the People’s Coalition for Food Sovereignty (KRKP), Madani Berkelanjutan, Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia, and Oxfam in Indonesia.

The “Power for a Greener Future” campaign is a collaborative effort of civil society to encourage climate change policies that support vulnerable groups, such as women and people with disabilities.

Through this collaboration, it is hoped that the government will be more responsive to people’s aspirations regarding climate change, making it a critical agenda at the UN Climate Change Conference, COP28, which is currently taking place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

At this year’s COP28, the UN will conduct a Global Stocktake (GST) to assess the progress of countries, including Indonesia, in addressing climate change and identify potential efforts that need to be improved.

Civil society emphasizes that COP28 should not be an elite agenda but must produce concrete commitments in addressing global warming and supporting vulnerable groups, especially women, young people, and people with disabilities.

The history of the COP records that the participation rate of women only reached 10 percent in 2009 and 13 percent in 2012. Through the existence of children and youth pavilions and youth delegations since the first COP in 1994, COP27 has directly involved young people.

Therefore, it is expected that COP28 will pay special attention to the voices of vulnerable groups from developing countries, small islands, and communities most vulnerable to climate change. Protection and support for vulnerable groups will be the main focus of this climate conference.

Creative Campaign

The Week of Action for Earth was attended by over 300 participants, featuring celebrities, moms, and Pound Tour Crew Masterclasses, such as Rima Melati Adams, Marcell Siahaan, and musicians Endah and Rhesa. As advocates of sustainable lifestyles, they shared their steps in caring for the earth.

Rima Adams adopted a green lifestyle by minimizing waste and recycling. At the same time, Endah Rhesa joined the Music Declares Emergency movement, No Music on a Dead Planet, with thirteen other Indonesian musicians.

“It doesn’t seem fair if we are old or absent, but leave something behind that we didn’t fight for properly,” speaking of her environmental activism through music,” says musician Endah.

Marcell Siahaan added that every effort, no matter how small, contributes to a more significant collective movement toward a greener future.

“Every action in our personal lives, which encourages others to do the same, plays an important role in creating a more sustainable world for our children and future generations,” he explained.

To reduce the impact of climate change, the website was launched to serve as a platform for citizen journalism and sharing information on the effects of climate change in everyday life.

The site is also designed to be disability-friendly with an auto narrator feature, allowing automatic reading access for visitors.

The three-hour event promoted an eco-friendly model by reducing waste, collaborating with Waste4Change waste managers, promoting local food, providing refillable water, and using recycled materials.

Head of Program Management Oxfam in Indonesia, Siti Khoirun Ni’mah, said that Power for A Greener Future, if done together, will have a significant impact. The power is in the community, including young people, women, and vulnerable groups.

“We can choose our green actions, both through a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and by encouraging policymakers to issue sustainable policies in favor of those most affected by climate change,” she said.