JAKARTA (Pos Kota) – Indonesia is currently under siege from a haze disaster due to the rampant burning of forests that are thought to be converted into palm oil land.

Such was Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Indonesia and Transformation for Justice (TuK) Indonesia in a press conference entitled “Measuring the Commitment of Nawa Cita in the Middle of Siege of Smoke and Exploitation of Natural Resources” in the Menteng area, Central Jakarta. Thursday, (29/10).

According to data from a number of NGOs that are concerned with environmental issues, it is concluded that the smog occurs due to the mass burning of land by corporations engaged in the oil palm sector. The land was deliberately burned to open land for planting.

The Executive Director of TuK Indonesia added that the total number of suspects burned the land and compared the area of ​​land that is burned per year.

“The total number of suspects is 205, namely 196 individuals and 9 corporations. A total of 25 companies control 5.1 million hectares of oil palm land or half of Java Island. In addition, oil palm plantations are very fast, with an average expansion per year of 520,000 hectares of the area of ​​Bali Island, ”he explained, when met in Menteng, Central Jakarta. Thursday, (29/10)

Norman added if it was clear that burning land, several sanctions were needed, including confiscation, publication, and fines accompanied by management takeover of the company. (PNJ-30)